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Magical Mysterious Watercolor

Marsh Mystique

I am delighted and excited to share with you my journey as a budding watercolor painter. In October of 2019, I found myself at a new and promising juncture in my life, with new possibilities opening up. I decided at that time to embrace one of my lifelong yearnings, and that is to learn to paint in watercolor. Watercolor has always held a special allure for me, as the first medium that informed me, at the tender age of 15, that I might have promise as a visual artist.

It is a medium of great magic and mystery, with a mind of its' own. Learning to cooperate with that mind will be a lifelong process and I hope you enjoy sharing in my discoveries here.



Recent Works

Early Studies: 
First Year of Painting, experimenting

and learning from Masters

May thru July 2020

Nov 2019 thru April 2020