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Portfolio of Works

My watercolors are all about conveying the deep awe and reverence I have for the ‘Mysteries of Mother Nature,’ as well as contributing to my goal of enhancing beauty, curiosity and care in our world. This latter desire has been the core motivator in my lifelong career as an artist.


My journey into watercolors began in the fall of 2019 after a decade of medical and financial crises that completely took the wind out of my sails. Realizing that I had more life to live, I decided it was time to take on the great challenge of watercolor, one that had been beckoning me for most of my life.


What I love most about watercolor is it’s luminosity, fluidity and spontaneity. Unlike other mediums, watercolor is transparent and it’s watery nature allows pigments to mix and mingle on the page in unexpected and unpredictable ways. Taking advantage of this unique quality requires a willingness to let go and surrender to watercolor’s will, while exercising subtle control with a light touch. Kinda like a spiritual journey. I treasure the lifelong challenge of learning how to work with these mysteries every day.


Original Watercolors

Skagit Springtime

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Earlier Works

Evening Falls at Terrell Creek

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